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Phone with multiple choice question

Interact and vote with smartphones during presentations

Make your audience feel more involved and motivated by enabling them to contribute to your presentations. Mentimeter shows the results live while your participants are voting with the web based mobile polling app directly in their browser, making sure everyone is part of the presentation.

  • Get instant responses using smartphones for voting
  • Visualize the results in real-time
  • No need for documentation or administration since the results are saved automatically

Customize your audience interaction

Multiple Choice

The most popular question type lets the audience choose one or more options that you provide - it's both easy and effective.

Image Choice

Visualize your questions and let your audience vote on images to interact in a new way.

Word Cloud

Impress everyone with a beautiful Word Cloud, rearranging itself in real-time to emphasize the most common words submitted by the audience.


Energize the audience with a fun and learning-intense competition using Mentimeter Quiz.


Let the audience rate statements on a scale; a quick way of getting useful data and analysis of trends and progress.

Open Ended

The Open Ended question-type lets the audience freely type in their answer and is perfect for capturing audience insights.

Questions from Audience

New! Give your audience a voice and let their questions be heard with Mentimeter's Q&A tool. Use Moderation to have full control over your presentation.

100 points

Determine which items are the most important through the sophisticated 100 points method.

2 x 2 Grid

If Scales are not enough, you can let the audience rate items in two dimensions to decide on complex matters.

Who will win?

Take away some of the tension in the voting by only presenting the winner, boosting the atmosphere with confetti.

Quick Form

New! Collect information from your audience during your presentations to generate leads or to add more ways to analyze the data.

Quick Slides

Add text and images to complement your regular Mentimeter questions.


Let your audience react to every slide and take interactivity to a new level.

An online interactive presentation software

It's free

You can use Mentimeter completely free of charge, no credit card needed to get started.

Unlimited audience size

We don’t limit the number of interactions or votes on your presentation, use Mentimeter in front of large as well as small audiences.

Fully web-based

Mentimeter is fully web-based which means no downloads or installations required, get started in seconds from any location using your own device: smartphone, computer or tablet.

Trustable and safe

Mentimeter is a secure platform that can handle thousands of votes per minute. Traffic is encrypted with SSL Certificates on all of our services.

Get unlimited interaction with a reliable software

The Mentimeter presentation tool is built to let you forget about limitations - you get an unlimited number of votes on all of your presentations. It works anywhere in the world and can handle thousands of votes per minute.

  • Can handle a large number of votes

  • No need to download any software

  • A reliable and accessible platform

  • Style it the way you want

    Add your logo, a background image and change all the colors. Mentimeter allows you to style the presentation both in your slides and on your audience's smartphones.

    • Get brand recognition from your audience
    • Make it look professional
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    A Mentimeter example using your own logo and style

    Analyze the results in Excel

    Mentimeter works seamlessly with Excel, letting you export the results from your presentation directly to a spreadsheet.

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    Screenshot of an exported Mentimeter presentation

    Use the Mentimeter PowerPoint plugin

    Create Mentimeter questions directly in your Office 365 PowerPoint presentation and get real-time input from your audience.

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    Screenshot when Mentimeter is used inside Powerpoint

    Control your presentation from your Smartphone

    The Mentimote enables presenters to control their Mentimeter presentations with their smartphone. Change slides, moderate Questions from Audience and look like a pro on stage!

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    Smartphone with Mentimote and a projector showing a presentation

    Discover all the powerful functionalities

    Hide & show results

    Hide and show results with a button.


    Auto-close the poll after a set amount of time.

    Export your data

    Need your data in a spreadsheet? Just export and enjoy.

    Segment data

    Segment based on your audience's previous answers.

    Profanity filter

    We don’t like swear words either.

    No installation

    No hardware, app or installation required.

    Open and close voting

    Have full control over your presentation.

    Share templates and knowledge

    Within your team or organization.

    Upload a custom grid

    Customize the 2 x 2 Grid to your liking.

    Help us improve

    We are constantly aiming at giving you the best possible product. If you have a suggestion of what we can do to become even better, please share your idea with us - or vote on someone else’s idea that you would like to see.

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