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Mentimeter aspires to build the world's most beautiful interaction and presentation software that is easy to use and that you will love. Every day we help thousands of customers all over the world conduct smarter workshops, meetings, events and education sessions. And most importantly, we help them become true stars on stage.

At Mentimeter you'll get to work with talented and ambitious people that really love what they do. We value individuals with an academic background who knows what personal leadership is, is ambitious and have genuine interest in the task at hand.

Sounds like just the thing for you? Read about our open positions below or send an open application to

We hire smart, ambitious and humble people.

Our core principles are:

  • Inclusiveness - transparency, equality + diversity
  • Work smart - good-enough but know when to excel + work/life-balance
  • Professionalism - "the consultant mind-set"
  • Be humble to others work - first learn, then improve then re-do

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Mentimeter is expanding so we're looking for great people to join our team. We are global, high performing and diverse, come join!

Build powerful and fun products with our tech team

Engage with customers around the world in our sales team

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Help and maximise output for all Menti colleagues in their work

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Thesis and internships

Mentimeter is expanding so we’re looking for great people to join our team. We are global, high performing and diverse! Come and join us! We will provide you with the resources and all the help you need. You will be welcomed into the Mentimeter team, have access to our office and of course be more than welcome at all the company events!


Do you want to write your Master's or Bachelor's thesis in the Stockholm start-up world? Mentimeter has several thesis suggestions in the list below – and you are of course welcome to contact us at

At Mentimeter each thesis student will have an assigned and devoted supervisor. The supervisor will together with the thesis student be responsible for planning and following-up on the set goals of the thesis.

Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (AI)

With over 40 million users and 2 million presenters worldwide, Mentimeter has a substantial user base. As we grow, so does the number of questions regarding the security of our service. While we openly share this information, we know that navigating through it can be cumbersome for our users and we still spend a lot of time answering many of them manually. Recent advances in Natural Language Processing has shown the potential of answering such questions to a level that is comparable to humans. Although impressive, practical question answering systems are generally highly domain specific and require adaptation in order to adequately fulfill their purpose. Recent work using transfer learning has also shown promising results for overcoming this problem. Let’s solve it with machine learning!

Technologies: Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Domain Adaptation.

Native app experience using web technologies (UX)

Mentimeter uses web programming to provide a device-agnostic online service to be able to have good maintanability and to be able to put efforts into developing the product rather than developing native code for specific devices. We still want to optimize the experience of the application and this is where we would like you to come in. With user experience analysis through panels and surveys be able to find the key pain-points of the current experience and optimize them using technologies and features, e.g. html app caches, pre-caches and design elements.

Technologies: Web analytics, User Experience analysis, HTML app caching.

Big-screen and Interactive Data Visualisation (UX)

Ever dreamt about making the perfect data visualization blowing your users brains out? For us at Mentimeter data visualization is top priority. We use the latest web technologies as D3 and HTML5 to bring new experiences to our users. Come and join us and we will make it happen together.

Technologies: Visualization libraries, HTML5, JavaScript.

Engineering high availability systems in the cloud (Computing)

Being used in front of an audience every minute of the day in a global world makes Mentimeter a very demanding service when thinking in availability terms. Unlike services like email and Facebook it is not possible to check it later, making our system very demanding. We would like your help analysing and optimizing the availability, using e.g. points-of-failure analysis, SLA measurements and risk mitigation.

Technologies: Cloud based services, cloud-ready programming platforms, SLA definitions and measurements.

Global low latency dynamic data distribution using web technologies (Computing)

Creating global scalable web solutions are challenging and one of the things that are constantly on our mind is the latency of all aspects of our service. As the service grows in amount of users and data, serving every part of the world at quick load times becomes increasingly difficult. Here we would like you to help us achieving the fastest service possible!

Technologies: Cloud based services.

Multi-language text clustering of semi-structured data (Computing)

This title could simply say Big Data, but this is so much more. We want to help our users gain new insights from their own data and global trends. We want your help to mine this data by finding related questions and find the trends hidden. Join us in making the world smarter!

Technologies: Trend analysis, language detection, text clustering.

Selling subscription services over the internet - a case study of different go-to-market strategies (Business)

Mentimeter sells subscription services online - a sales process which is possible to optimize in many ways. We would like you to help us further develop our business model by analyzing different go-to-market strategies and hopefully optimize it even further.

Technologies: Marketing.

Send your application to and we'll get in touch! If you have a thesis proposal of your own, we're more than happy to hear about it.


Interested in technology, design, marketing or how to build a startup? Mentimeter has since day 1 continuously had paid interns working for the company. It is a great start for your career.

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